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Undergraduate Research at UM
University of Mississippi

Undergraduate Research Programs at the University of Mississippi

The following experiential learning programs have been approved for the indicated timeframes by the UM Student Program Review Board, which means student participation in these programs (whether paid or not) is NOT considered work/employment, for purposes of complying with the Affordable Healthcare Act.

1. Operation I.C.B., 2016, 2017, 2018

Operation ICB is a four week summer research initiative in supramolecular chemistry.

Program Director: Davita Watkins
Number of UG/HS Participants: 2016=1; 2017=2; 2018=4(anticipated)

2. Ole Miss Chemistry Research Program, 2016, 2017, 2018

The primary objectives are to bring a diverse cohort of 10 students to the campus of the University of Mississippi for a meaningful chemistry research experience in an educational and collaborative atmosphere alongside UM students and to encourage all of these students to attend graduate school in chemistry after graduation.

Program Director: Nathan Hammer
Number of UG/HS Participants: 2017=12; 2018=10+(anticipated)

3. MS Water Security Institute, 2017, 2018

Honors college students from all MS universities are eligible to apply. 17 will be selected to participate. Purpose is to prepare undergraduates to understand and protect Mississippi’s water resources.

Program Director: Cliff Ochs
Honors College
Number of Participants: 2017=15;2018=17(anticipated)

4. ARISE @ UM, 2017, 2018

Program Director: Erik Hom
Liberal Arts
Number of Participants:

5. Henry E. Bass Basic Acoustics Summer School Program (BASS), 2017, 2018

The purpose of the BASS Program is to provide undergraduate students the opportunity to do real-life research directed by experts in the field, on currently relevant physical acoustics topics not ordinarily encountered in the undergraduate experience.

Program Director: Marta Panickar
National Center for Physical Acoustics
Number of Participants: 2017=2; 2018=2(anticipated)

6. Ole Miss Athletics Summer Training Program 2017

Program Director: Jennifer Saxon
Number of Participants: 10

7. The Public Interest Law Foundation (PILF) 2017

The University of Mississippi Public Interest Law Foundation educates law students to make them aware, as future lawyers, of the struggles facing many people in the legal system. This summer program provides stipends to defray the travel/lodging/sustenance costs of UM law students accepted into unpaid summer internships in public interest law.

Program Director: Naura Guillaume (2017)
Number of Participants: 2017=10

8. NASA Space Center Traineeships 2017

Program Director: Earnest Stephens
NASA MS Space Grant Consortium
Number of Participants: 4

9. UM STEM Summer Research Experiences for Undergraduates Program – STEMS-REU, 2017, 2018 (pending)

The objective of this 10-week summer program is to provide educational science research opportunities at the University of Mississippi to undergraduate students who are seeking research experiences and considering a career in research or academia. Provides students with opportunities to learn about cutting-edge STEM-related topics, develop presentation and communication skills, and practice networking skills, as well as opportunities to explore and develop their interest in cutting-edge STEM-related research.

Program Director: Hoang Le
Biomolecular Sciences
Number of Participants: 2017=8;

10. UM Sunflower County Freedom Project Internship Initiative, 2017

This program seeks to engage high performing Ole Miss students with Mississippi’s highest need areas, honing their teaching/leading and philanthropic knowledge and skills through participating in the Sunflower County Freedom Project in Sunflower, Meridian, or Rose Hill, MS.

Program Director: JoAnn Edwards
Lott Leadership Institute
Number of Participants: 2017=3

A. Mississippi Space Grant Consortium (MSSGC) Summer Industry Training Program 2017, 2018 (pending)

The main purpose of the training program is to enhance aerospace and aerospace related training and learning opportunities and to serve as a gateway to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics careers and activities for students. Students selected for the training program will be introduced to a training environment/experience that will provide them with a learning experience designed to increase their knowledge, awareness, and skill set as they relate to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). The knowledge and skill set should be applicable to the students’ learning environments when they return to the classroom or workforce after completing the training program.

Program Director: Earnest Stephens
NASA MS Space Grant Consortium
Number of Participants: 2017=5;2018=

11. NASA MSFC Undergraduate Research Experience 2017, 2018 (pending)

Program Director: Ahmed Al-Ostaz & Hunain Alkhateb
Civil Engineering
Number of Participants: 2017=5;2018=

12. Pharmacy Student Research Program, 2018

This program provides mentored research opportunities to University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy early entry and professional students (rising EE2-PY3) who are seeking research experience and may be considering a career in research or academia.

Program Director: David Gregory
Number of Participants: 2018 (less than 10)

13. MS Experiential Learning in East Asia, 2018

Funded by the Freeman Foundation, this program provides 18 UM undergraduate students with an immersive experience in East Asia, to deepen and enhance their educational experience by learning first-hand how a foreign culture impacts the work environment and help prepare them to succeed in a complex, global world.

Program Director: Oliver Dinius
Croft Institute
Number of Participants: 2018=18(anticipated)